ARS VSX Hand Pruner

ARS VSX Hand Pruner

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ARS Garden Tools are Made in Japan and the best manufactured gardening tools around.  Ever since I used an ARS pruner, I haven't looked back.  Aside from the premium Tobisho hand pruners I offer, these are the best around for a reasonable price.

Add-on the Leather Sheath with your order for a convenient way to carry your pruner.

ARS pruners are super sharp, comfortable to hold, and hold their edge for seasons and seasons.  The handles are made of thick high quality cast aluminum with a non-slip coating of smooth plastic for greater durability and comfort. These pruners are lightweight and perfectly balanced to allow all day use with minimal strain and fatigue. The blades are hard chrome plated for greater hardness and rust and sap resistance. The blades are offset at an angle to maintain natural hand strength and can be re-sharpened or replaced.

If you ever do wear the blade down, you can re-sharpen it or buy a replacement blade (I'll have those available soon too).

One of my favorite features of this pruner is the quick-release locking mechanism.  Simply squeeze the handles and the lock will release so you can start pruning.  To re-lock, squeeze the handles and push the lock back in place with your thumb.  Super convenient and reliable.

Available in three sizes:

- VS7XZ is 7" from tip to toe and for smaller hands
- VS8XZ is 8" from tip to toe and for medium size hands
- VS9XZ is 9" from tip to toe and for larger hands