Dragonfruit, S8 Sugar Dragon
Dragonfruit, S8 Sugar Dragon
Dragonfruit, S8 Sugar Dragon

Dragonfruit, S8 Sugar Dragon

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Latin Name: Hylocereus undatus

Lifespan: Perennial

Flowering: May-August

Harvesting: July-September

Growth Structure: Climbing - Needs Trellis

Light Requirement: Partial Sun to Filtered Sun

Water Requirement: ****

The pitahaya - like most cacti - supports irregular watering, and hates stagnant water, especially in heavy soil.

The watering rate varies according to the season, because your cactus "evaporates" more when it receives a lot of light

For the potted plants, a watering every 10 days can be necessary in growing season, once a month in winter and nothing if it's in open soil.

Description: A beautiful tropical fruit originating from the Amazon rainforest. Fruit looks like a some kind of fantastical creature. Dragon fruit is a succulent (cactus family) plant that requires little water, little care, and little fertility but does require a trellis. Grows well in partly shady areas of the garden. Fruits range from white fleshed to dark magenta flesh. Flavor ranges from lightly sweet to highly sweet with flowery aromas. Can be grown on other trees or existing vertical structures.