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Latin Name:  Colocasia esculenta
Common Names: Caladium, Dasheen, Elephant Ears, Green Taro, Malanga
Lifespan: Tender Perennial
Growth Structure: Large leafed bush that grows to 3'-6' tall and wide 
Light Requirement: Full sun/ Part sun
Water Requirement: ****

Description: Native to eastern Asia, Taro is a tender herbaceous perennial that grows best in organically rich, wet soil and tropical climates. The taro plant, one of the many types of elephant eat plants, features gigantic leaves with a variety of unique colorings. It is one of the most common staple foods around the world and believed to be one of the first plants ever cultivated. 

Taro roots look like a ringed and hairy potato. The flesh is white or pink and has a sweet, nutty taste. The giant leaves are also edible.