Our Mission

Sarvodaya Institute work towards the upliftment of all, recognizing that we are all part of one great life and that our individual healing is our collective healing. Our work starts in the garden, a place where we can recognize ourselves in the soil, plants, insect, animals, and each other.  We recognize all of this Earth as one garden, requiring care and love.

Our Story

Sarvodaya Institute (formerly The Growing Club) grew out of The Growing Home in 2014 to show how the (sub)urban world can transition away from isolation and consumption and towards creativity, community, and connection. The Growing Club is a Community Supported Educational (CSE) Organization that relies on support and participation of our community to multiply the positivity of the work we do.

Sarvodaya Institute offers a variety of educational programs. You can often catch us with our members building gardens, hosting community potlucks, working on our farms, and speaking out against all forms of injustice. We spread awareness and knowledge with each of our activities, in search of health, joy and wholeness. We strive to share knowledge and understanding with everyone we can.

With the support of Sarvodaya Institute Members, we offer scholarships all of our events, and our videos are available to anyone and everyone. If you too feel empowered by our work, please consider becoming a Member. 

Our Staff


Our Board