Farm Events Manager

Position Description

The Farm Events Manager will schedule and manage events at Sarvodaya Farms.  Our farm is a community space, and we host events regularly to promote community health and learning.  Currently, we host just two events regularly, a monthly farm workout and a weekly meditation class.

The Events Manager will be working to increase our offerings of events and classes to include a wide range of desired and important topics for our community.  Events/topics we hope to include are: art workshops, healing circles, music circles, gardening therapy, cooking, dinners, and more!

The Events Manager will be responsible for finding teachers/hosts for these events, securing dates and times, preparing the farm to host the event, and ensuring the farm is clean and secure after events.

Organization Description

Sarvodaya Institute is a 6 year old non-profit organization focused on helping people recognize themselves as Earth and learn how to engage with our home-body in a nourishing way.  We practice and teach gardening as a practice of healing and regeneration to restore health to all beings, working towards the "upliftment of all."

We maintain 2 demonstration gardens, 1 urban farm, an organic plant nursery, and a significant social media presence.

In the last two years, we have been in a period of significant growth, which we expect to continue and accelerate in the upcoming years.

Position Responsibilities

- Find hosts/teachers for events and workshops
- Schedule and finalize events and workshops
- Publicize events via social media and e-newsletter
- Prepare farm as venue for events
- Orient new hosts/teachers to the farm
- Ensure farm is clean, closed and secured at end of each event

Required Skills

This position requires significant social skills and networking.  We are looking for someone with ties to our local Pomona and Los Angeles community, who can bring in local teachers and hosts for events and workshops at our farm.

In addition to social skills, this position will require some technological know how to add events to our online scheduling system and publicize events via our social media and newsletter.

Hours and Times



Event Manager will receive 50% of event profits.

Application Instructions

Email the following to our Executive Director, Farmer Rishi, at

- Your Resume

- Please respond to the following prompts in short paragraphs:

What ideas do you have for events, classes and workshops at our farm and who would you reach out to within your network to host/teach each of the events? Please give 3 examples demonstrating your creativity.