Farmer Rishi's

Increase Your Footprint
Regenerative Gardening Course

A unique 7-week series designed to help you put the healing
principles of regenerative gardening into practice

It’s time to reclaim our role as caregivers of this planet

Learn regenerative gardening from the ground up.

The purpose of this course is to educate and inspire people of all experience levels to create healing gardens with the power to regenerate land, bodies, minds, and spirits.

 With Farmer Rishi's guidance, you will learn the fundamental ideas and practices necessary to participate in healing and regeneration at any scale and in any location― whether you are creating a garden on a balcony, in a suburban home garden, or a public landscape.

Farmer Rishi will define what regeneration means as a cultural concept and demonstrate how these ideas can be reflected tangibly in a garden setting and as part of your daily lifestyle and practice.

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We are Earth.  We breathe Earth, we eat Earth, we sleep Earth
- it's time we all see that.

Thousands of human cultures around the world live in a loving and caring relationship with trees, animals and soil and so can we.

This course is all about translating the care and love we feel for our Mother Earth into a care and love that is expressed through our hands and actions.

Farmer Rishi will guide you to INCREASE YOUR FOOTPRINT of healing and regeneration on our EarthBody by restoring health to soil, plants, water, and ourselves.

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You can create a garden sanctuary anywhere - even if you have little space or a "brown thumb"

What You'll Learn

No experience necessary. Long time gardeners welcome. How would you garden if the world was living? How would you care for soil, rocks, plants, and animals if you believed them to be as conscious and creative as we are?

This #IncreaseYourFootprint Course is about a new (and very old) way of gardening. Whether you are a long-time gardener or never put your hands in the soil, this course has something for you. We will explore traditions of gardening based on the knowledge of indigenous people around the world, including:

• how to tend and care for soil so that she becomes rich enough to invigorate plants
• how to compost at home EASILY
• how to have abundant plant growth with minimal water use
• how to harvest rainwater
• choosing and planting trees that will bring an abundance of fruit into your life
• caring for trees long-term
• designing a healing garden that is a sanctuary for you and your family
• creating an abundant and easily to maintain vegetable garden

and so much more!

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Why join #IncreaseYourFootprint?

Direct Guidance from Farmer Rishi

I've been teaching gardening for 10 years, have thousands ofhours of experience in gardening, and thousands of hours inpractice of teaching. I've also been through the shit, and amcrawling out. I can guide people who are learning to crawl

Tested and validated materials

Hundreds of people have taken this course. I receive photos andtestimonials regularly from people who were profuoundlyimpacted by the course inside and outside the garden.

Easy to access

Online course can be taken from anywhere and everything isrecorded. Join live or watch on your own time. Includes a 90 pagewritten curriculum as a resource for you.

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Your Questions answered:

It's time to flip the script: "Increase Your Footprint"

Reduce my footprint? How about increasing my footprint of care and love! Everyday, I work to nourish the living being that nourish me.  Every day I work to show soil that she is valuable and beautiful.  Every day I work to heal unbalanced energy cycles.  Everyday I increase my understanding and awareness in my role as a body of this Earth.

A week-by-week breakdown of what we will learn together


Online Sessions:

Lesson 1 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Introduction to Regeneration

Lesson 2 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Soil: Feeling Earth's Skin

Lesson 3 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Helping Soil Heal: Techniques for Regeneration

Lesson 4 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Guiding the Flow: Water in the Garden

Lesson 5 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Tending the Overstory: Trees

Lesson 6 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Co-Creating Your Sanctuary: Garden Design

Lesson 7 - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT
- Food for the Family: Vegetable Gardening

Final Q&A - LIVE SESSION Tue Feb 10 @ 5:30pm PT

Also Included with the Course:

Farmer Rishi's 88 page Regenerative Gardening Curriculum

Slide Deck's from every week's lesso

3 pre-recorded Video Presentations from Farmer Rishi
-  Regenerative Garden Tours (1hr)
- Soil Regeneration Workshop (1hr)
- Seed Starting & Propagation Workshop (1hr)

Optional In-Person Sessions
Saturdays at Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona, CA

Urban Healing Garden Tour

Saturday, Feb 10th

Soil Regeneration Workshop

Tuesday, Feb 10th

Vegetable Gardening Workshop

Saturday, Feb 10th

Course Details

Course Start Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2022
Course End Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2022

Live Lectures via Zoom every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm PT
Recordings of live lecture posted every week by Thursday, available for viewing anytime

All course materials available for 1 year after course ends (April 1, 2023)

No experience necessary.  New and long time gardeners welcome.

About Farmer Rishi

Farmer Rishi is a writer, artist, gardening educator and small-scale farmer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is super passionate about teaching and helping people to create gardens wherever they are, and has helped taught thousands of students around the world who are creating gardens of healing and regeneration.

Rishi is the co-founder of Healing Garden Community, an online platform helping connect gardeners and wellness-seekers.

He is also the Executive Director of Sarvodaya Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people recognize themselves as soil, and our concrete cities as Earth.