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“Sarvam”: all + “udaya”: rise =
Sarvodaya: the upliftment of all

Sarvodaya Institute is currently an Asian- and Latinx-American led organization that works to uplift our communities through educational and therapeutic programs centered around soil, plants, and farming.

Members join and support us by providing the financial basis for our work. We join hands with our members to hold space for the healing of people & planet as one.

Want to learn how to grow food at home and create a beautiful healing garden for you and your family?

By joining our Membership, you'll become part of our diverse, justice-centered community of growers and givers, caring for our EarthBody through the practice of gardening. You'll get to join our Monthly Member's Gardening Lesson (more on that below), and take advantage of a host of other benefits.

As a non-profit organization, Sarvodaya Institute relies on contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations to make all our educational and healing-focused programming available and accessible to people of diverse backgrounds. Membership at every level makes a difference and is tax-deductible. Thank you for helping to make our work possible.

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Learn to garden with us at our Monthly
Member's Gardening Lesson

Every month we host an online Gardening Lesson for our members via Zoom. We choose a new topic every month, based on the season. You can join Live, or watch the recording on your own time.

All members ALSO receive access to Foundational Lessons, and Leaf-level Members receive access to our FULL Lesson Library (over 20 hours of content!).

See our Sample Lesson in the video above.

With this membership you will be supporting:

* Paying our staff who love & maintain our farm, create our programming, and teach our visitors and members

* Keeping our healing community farm open 5 days a week so that people can visit and enjoy our space

* Paying our utility bill! Water prices keep going up and our water bill is getting hefty

* Our Farmer Training Program, which focuses on creating space for people of all colors, backgrounds, genders, and orientations to engage with land and gardening in a safe and comfortable environment

* Our Bee Club, which is dedicated to creating a community of people who support and care for all bees!

* Pay-What-You-Can markets in Pomona that we send our organic produce to

* Development of our farm space including new trees, gathering spaces, teaching materials, and more!

* Our Online Educational Content including online gardening lessons, and funny & informative videos for Instagram and TikTok!


To all of our current & future supporters,

We believe that the healing of people and of Earth are one process. As cells make up organs, and organs make a body, we believe that people are a crucial organ of this EarthBody.

What does it mean to treat this Earth as our Body?

There are thousands of examples of cultures around the world that believed and treated Earth as one living whole. For tens of thousands of years, most human cultures have lived in community and balance with the rest of this body, learning to listen and care for other beings as their family.

We come from cultures that colonialism has fought to destroy and disempower, but how can love ever be buried? Our resilience has kept our languages, seeds, foods, art, technologies, and spirit alive.

Our ancestors saw soil as our skin, our tears as the oceans, our movement as the wind, and our resilience as fire. Remembering that we are in relationship with earth and not occupying earth can help break the colonial illusion that humans are separate from earth.

Sarvodaya Institute aims to continue asking and exploring this question within our own communities.

What does it mean to treat the city as our Body?

As urban farmers here at Sarvodaya Farms, we receive a number of follow up questions:

  • What does it mean to offer space for healing to the people of our community? Many of whom have been displaced by war and experienced immense trauma? How do we make amends for past injustices?
  • How do we come together and rise? How do people, plants, soil, animals, concrete and modern gadgetry come together for the future of healing we need?
  • How do we find joy and community? What makes us feel free? 

These questions circle in our minds and our attempts to answer them find embodiment in the soils of Sarvodaya Farms. We believe that, far beyond carbon emissions and fossil fuels, these ideas of relationship, communication, and care are what need revision in our culture today. 

We are attempting to make these revisions every day at Sarvodaya Farms, re-imagining relationships between people, land, plants, and animals. Imagining a world where each part of this body uplifts the other, recognizing ourselves in each other. 

And we need your support.

Most of our members donate $10 or less every month, and yet they together create over 40% of our annual budget, supporting everything we do: keeping our farm open, paying our staff & bills, supporting our farmer training program, our workshops & classes, our bee club, our online programming and more.

As we expand the reach and scope of our work, and hire more staff, we need your support in our endeavour to continue to understand our role as parts of this EarthBody, and share that experience and understanding with our community.

Please consider joining us and thank you for hearing our message.

- the Sarvodaya Institute Team


Sweet benefits included with
your membership:

#1 LIVE Monthly gardening lessons

Learn from our experiences and get support as you garden in your backyard or apartment.

#2 Access to our foundational mini-series on gardening and soil health

Don’t know where to start? Our foundational lessons will guide you.

#3 Access to our new community discussion board

Ask questions and get help from our community. Share your experiences.

#4 Discounts on a wide range of products and services from our partners

Consciously made goods and services to support your journey.

#5 Discounts at our nursery in Pomona

Local to the farm? Get your plants, tools, and soil from us.

Click here to see all Member Benefits

Ready to get started?

You are welcome regardless of the size or style of your gardening space.

With an entry tier of $5 per month, our membership structure is designed to be as accessible as possible. Contributions start to create impact for our work at the $20 tier, where your monthly benefits include FULL access to our recorded lesson library.

Flower Membership

$50/month tax-deductible donation


Leaf Membership

$20/month tax-deductible donation


Seed Membership

$10/month tax-deductible donation


Pollen Membership

$5/month tax-deductible donation


Most Importantly, you will be helping to support our
work to restore lost relationships and knowledge.


Choose your level & benefitsFlower
$50 / month
Access to monthly online gardening lesson(Live + Recorded)XXXX
6 Foundational Gardening Lessons to get you startedXXXX
Discount on wide range of products and
services from our Business Partners
$5 off when you spend $50 or more at our nurseryXXXX
Seasonal gardening lessons to keep you supportedXXX
Free entry to our in-person Saturday gardening lessons
every month at Sarvodaya Farms
Access to our FULL Online Lesson LibraryXX
10% discount on all Sarvodaya Farms purchasesXX
20% off your first garden consultation with our farmersX
Free tour annually of Sarvodaya Farms for you, your
friends and family
Annual Gift Pack of seeds from our farm for your gardenX

This membership is for you if:

  • You believe the change we need in our society goes deep into each of our hearts and needs all of our involvement
  • You want to support a diverse, audacious community of farmers, creators, activists, and leaders
  • You want to start a garden and get support from a like-minded community

This membership is NOT for you if:

  • Are just in it for the Membership Benefits.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and justice are not important to you
  • Compassion and care are not part of your theory of change

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