The Growing Commons

Claremont, CA
A demonstration ecological public garden 

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The Growing Commons is a public demonstration garden established in 2015 as a joint project between The Growing Club and the Claremont Quaker Friends Meeting. The project seeks to demonstrate how publicly accessible landscapes can be beautiful, functional, and ecological spaces that create community and habitat while also growing healthy organic food. The Growing Commons serves as the outdoor landscape for the Quaker Friends Meeting, a drought-tolerant fruit orchard for Sarvodaya Farms, and a community educational space for Growing Club events.

The Growing Commons is a 7500 sq ft landscape that was previously a water guzzling lawn for over 50 years. In 2015, the Claremont Friends Quaker Meeting decided that maintaining such as lawn in California (especially during a historic drought) was against the ideals of their beliefs, and sought to replace their lawn with a California appropriate landscape that would also benefit the community.In Oct 2015 the Friends Meeting and The Growing Club formed a partnership to create The Growing Commons. In exchange for replacing the lawn landscape, The Growing Club is able to use the land as an educational space for classes, events, and workshops and harvests fruit from the nearly 60 fruit trees.The Growing Commons demonstrates many ecological landscape practices and features such as drought tolerant fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, lasagna mulching, no till agriculture, CA native plantings, and more (see further details below. 

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