Adopt-a-Full Hive

Adopt-a-Full Hive

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Adopt-a-Hive and support our Beekeeping program at Sarvodaya Farms.  Your donation goes toward the creation and maintenance of our bee sanctuary, supporting our monthly Beekeeping Days, and paying Beekeeper Lola.

Adopt-a-Full Hive and you'll get all the honey that’s harvested from your hive for the year.

(Please keep in mind that a portion of the honey is kept by the honeybees themselves so they have enough during the winter).

Adopt-a-Hivers also get:

- Full Membership to the Bee Club
- Your choice of color/design painted on the hive your adopt
- Your name written on the bee box as a sponsor.
- Certificate of Adoption
- 2 Sarvodaya Bee Club sticker decals
- 1 Sarvodaya Bee Club patch for your beekeeping suit