Artisan Redwood Worm Bin

Artisan Redwood Worm Bin

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Upward Migration Worm Composting

Available in two sizes: 12" x 12" and 12" x 24"

Worms not included.

Unlike other compost methods, where extra space is a necessity, the multi-tray composting system is compact, odorless, and can be used indoors or out. It's especially handy for eco-minded apartment dwellers.

Worm composting is a simple way to recycle food wastes and paper scraps (like junk mail!) into high-quality compost. Bacteria inside red worms (the type of worms used for composting), break down any plant fibers, turning the material they leave behind into a fertile amendment for plants. When worm compost is added to soil, it provides nourishment and enhances soil structure and drainage. Our Worm Bins are made from 100% Natural and sustainably lumber supplies. Each tray holds 10 lbs of compost, making lifting and arranging compost effortless.

Included with this product:

- 3 layer


Hand made in Downtown Los Angeles, our California Redwood worm boxes are delivered assembled and are an attractive addition to any kitchen or living area and will also age beautifully outside. Super cool and cute Casting Catch Trays. 14 gauge aluminum construction brings quality and reliability. Heavy weight material resists rust, corrosion, and warping. Wrapped in Redwood.

They smell great! All-natural, rot-resistant Redwood, raised responsibly in Humboldt County, California, will be long lasting and more attractive (to the worms ;) than a made-in-China, plastic alternative. Get everything you need delivered already assembled, to your doorstep.

Free Worm Blanket. Yup, Worm Blanket! With every order (we will even personalize it)