Banana, Burro

Banana, Burro

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Botanic Name: Musa 'Burro'
Common Names: Burro,

Lifespan: Tropical Perennial
Growth Structure: Trees grow to about 15-20' tall

Fertility Preference:
Water Preference:
Sun & Light Preference:


Bananas require moist soil but will rot if planted in water-logged soil. Plant these trees in a sunny location that gets some afternoon shade, especially in dry, hot climates. Bananas can be chopped down after their banana rack is harvested as there are typically new banana plants called 'pups' that spring up from the base of the mother tree.


The Brazilian Giant banana is super sweet, creamy, with sour tones. A golden yellow when fully ripe, their texture is slightly firm like that of a ripe plantain, yet still offers a silky mouthfeel. They are superiorly sweet but balanced with a hint of tart green flavors, and are often regarded as one of the best-tasting banana varieties on the market.

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