Bee Club Membership (Quarterly Payment Plan)

Bee Club Membership (Quarterly Payment Plan)

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Bee Club Membership benefits:

- Join us for our Monthly Beekeeping Day
- 2 Sarvodaya Bee Club sticker decals
- 1 Sarvodaya Bee Club patch for your beekeeping suit

During a Beekeeping Day, you can expect to:

- enjoy a 45 minute Bee Lesson from Beekeeper Lola (read about her below)
- suit up and open up each of the 5 hives hosted at Sarvodaya Farms, including both Langstroth and top-bar hives
- get guided mentorship and learn the skills to beekeep on your own
- enjoy bits of honey
- play with and learn from the superorganism that is a beehive.

Beekeeping suits are not provided at this time.  We are working towards having our own set of suits.  If you would like to donate a suit, please reach out to us at