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Asparagus, Mary Washington

Asparagus, Mary Washington

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Mary Washington Asparagus, Aspargus officinalis 'Mary Washington', is a winter hardy variety that is heat tolerant and shows resistance to rust.  This is an heirloom variety!

Asparagus crowns take about 3 years to begin fruiting, but once established, this plant will provide decades of harvest, very little in the first few years with heavier harvests for up to 20 years after that. Because this plant goes to seed and grows to a larger bush, make sure you prepare and plant the asparagus in an area where the plants can spread and where they will be protected from future disturbance to the soil. 


Botanic Name: Asparagus officinalis 'Mary Washington'
Common Names: Asparagus,
Native to: California-developed at UC Davis
Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 3- Zone 9
Fruiting Season: Spring
Growth Structure: Asparagus spears will grow at the beginning of its short season and should be harvested before they get too woody or tough. If left past the harvesting window, the spears will start to grow wispy fern leaves that turns into a bush. This particular plant will produce red berries which are poisonous to humans, but if allowed to fully form to seed, the seeds can be planted for the next set of asparagus plants. Please note that growing asparagus from seed means that you will not see a true harvest for upwards of 5 years. The fern bushes can grow up to 5 ft tall.
Fertility Preference:
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:


When first planting the asparagus, make sure to clear all weeds and amend the soil. Because the asparagus will grow in the same spot for decades, make sure to choose a space that gets partial to full sun and has room to spread. Asparagus cannot tolerate standing water, so make sure the soil is well-draining.

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