Pepper, Hungarian Wax

Pepper, Hungarian Wax

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This is our part of our “Ready to Go Garden ” collection, just take it home and care for it. All you need to do is water and feed weekly. We took care of all the details, enjoy caring for your plant.

This plant comes in a 1 gallon fabric pot(fabric pots are healthier for plant roots), it’s potted in our own special soil blend (Coco coir, perlite, compost) 

Hungarian Pepper

(Summer, Annual Veggie)

(Capsicum annuum) Long, banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing, or for pickled peppers. Ripens from pale yellow to deep golden orange to cherry red. These peppers start out green with almost no heat and very mild pepper flavor. As the mature they become hotter and the stronger in flavor. A very productive pepper even in cool weather. Harvest at different maturities. Excellent pickler.
Days to maturity: 59 days yellow, 84 red.

Peppers can be grown all year long in containers. It is suitable for apartment dwellers.  All peppers can be perennials, bring them inside during winter, when the nights drop into the 40s. They make nice house-plants grown by sunny windows.