Papaya Solo Sunrise Improved
Papaya Solo Sunrise Improved

Papaya Solo Sunrise Improved

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Soli Sunrise papaya is grown in larger quantities than any other variety of the plant. These sweet, red fleshed fruit can weigh up to 4 pounds and have a star shaped cavity when cut sideways.

Fruit can set when the tree is just 3 feet tall. This is an excellent variety for the home gardener and for anyone wanting to grow a papaya in a pot!

Growing Papaya
Papaya is a short-lived perennial can grow to 30ft tall. Hermaphrodite plants of commercial 'Solo' varieties in Hawaii usually produce fruits that are pear shaped and weigh approximately 12 to 30 oz Female plants of 'Solo' varieties produce round fruit.

Interesting Uses
Papaya leaf has a hollow stem and in South Asian culture I’ve seen them use them as straws. Papaya leaves are eaten by some cultures as well as leaves used as medicine. Papaya seeds are also eaten, they have a peppery taste and are used for medicine. 

Latin Name: Carica papaya

Growth Structure: Narrow Tree
Light Requirement: Partial to Full Sun
Water Requirement: ****

Forget the papayas you've had from the grocery store, they taste nothing like a homegrown, actually ripe papaya. Papaya is VERY easy to grow and grows VERY rapidly. Unlike most fruit trees that require 4-5 years to fruit, papaya will fruit in the 2nd year. Papaya likes full sun, plenty of moisture (good candidate for greywater), and plenty of nutrients. Grows up straight like a palm tree and then branches in 3rd year onward. Can grow to 20 ft, but has narrow canopy.