Herbs to Potions

A monthly study group exploring the healing relationship between people and plants

We're brewing plant magic.

Want to bring your study of plants beyond edible fruits and vegetables? Sarvodaya Farm's Herbs to Potions group is a exploring the magical powers of plants grown and cared for at our farm.

Join our witch-y group through monthly gatherings where we gather, dry, brew, and alchemize herbs from seed to potion.

Brew with Herbs to Potions every month

Herbs to Potions is a herbal study group meeting monthly to study & experiment with our plant medicine relatives.

Through our workshops, we’ll hold the question – What are we learning about ourselves through the care and understanding of these plants? The goal of this series is for participants to build their own authentic relationships with plants.

Each Herbs to Potions study group offers a thorough knowledge share of herbs from seed to potions. During the workshops we will take time observing the herb of the workshop, learning their care needs, cover best harvesting and drying techniques, cultural history, make a concoction together, and learn about their energetics (healing properties).

Participants are encouraged to bring and share their own knowledge of herbs! This space is an opening to learn and build with each other.

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About Herbs to Potions

What You'll Learn

- How to care for herbs in your garden
- Cultural histories of herbs
- Gardening methods for successful herb culture
- Various techniques for harvesting herbs
- Familiarize yourself with herbs from around the world

- Drying techniques that preserve medicinal properties
- Creating plant-based remedies, medicines, recipes
- Creating skin-care remedies
- Herb energetics & their healing properties

Monthly Workshops

Herbs to Potions centers around our monthly meeting & workshop (usually) held on 2nd Saturday every month.

Meetings generally consist of a 1 hour Herbal Lesson followed by a workshop where participants will create herbal products. All led by our lead witch Seema.  Meetings are held on Saturdays from 9am to 12 noon in the summer and 11am to 2pm in the winter.

Witching Hours

Along with our Monthly Meetings, Club Members  are invited to join us for two monthly Witching Hours. Witching Hours are more intimate sessions where members will help with daily care, harvesting and processing of herbs on our farm. 

Dates for these sessions are announced at the beginning of every month.

Herbs to Potions Online

Herbs to Potions has an online home too! Once you're signed up you can access the our Member's Portal.  In the portal, member's will find resources from workshops such as slides & handouts, and links and videos for continued learning.

The portal also serves as a space for our club members to connect outside the farm, to ask questions, and share updates of their own herb-y experiences.


Herbs to Potions Meeting Dates for the next 12 months are
2022: September 10, October 8, November 12, December 10
2023: January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9

The Details

Herbs to Potions Membership options:
$250 annually OR
$70 every 3 months

Reduced fees available for those experiencing financial difficulties. Click Reduced Fee Application below.

Membership fees to Herbs to Potions are Tax Deductible Donations to Sarvodaya Institute.

Included with your membership:
- 2 Sarvodaya Herbs to Potions Stickers
- All the benefits of Pollen Membership

More About this Program

Like much of our work at Sarvodaya Farm, Herbs to Potions is focused on building relationships between plants (specifically herbs) and people.

Herbs to Potions specifically engages people to step away from extractive relationships, and move towards caring and generous relationships with plants. Members will get to know plants through learning their cultural history, observing yearly growth cycles, and through varying activities (tea meditation, sketching herb, herb description, writing a poem about the herb, etc.).

Herbs to Potions members will also learn how to nurture herbs from the ground up, starting with the soil they set their roots into to plant care & harvest.

Each month, we will make an herbal recipe together that includes the herb of the month, and participants will have the opportunity to take the potions they create and notice what changes occur in their body.

Your Potion Guide

Seema Sundaresh is an educator, plant apprentice, a vision builder, and troublemaker. Seema’s work in this lifetime is to hold spaces to collectively explore where the edges of our healing connect and cross paths with social and cultural change. Through curated programming, Seema builds infrastructure that centers the care, dignity, joy, and imagination of historically marginalized communities.