Pomona's Edible

Botanic Garden

@ Sarvodaya Farms

Pomona's first and only Botanic Garden, featuring over 300 species of edible fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.

How can an urban farm serve its community best? We believe urban farms can grow community, curiosity, and compassion. We're creating an urban farm that is also a community hub, exploration space and healing center, and Pomona's Edible Botanic Garden is the culmination of this vision.

PEBG is a multi-layered, undefined, fluid space designed to re-engage our community with our Earthen relations: over a hundred fruiting trees and plants to delight the tastebuds, a tremendous planting of indigenous California plants to provide habitat for local wildlife, a variety of gathering spaces to host visitors for intimate conversations or large events, an extensive pond & wetland for summertime “eat-fruit-n-chill” for both humans and non-humans, and whatever more you can imagine.

Support this project!

We appreciate donations of any amount! For those with financial privilege we are offering sponsorship options and the opportunity to become a Pomona's Edible Botanic Garden Founder!

Sponsor Pomona's Edible Botanic Garden:
- Sponsor a Tree ($100) - Your name or family name and message on a plaque by your chosen tree.
- Sponsor a Hammock ($250) - Your name or family name and message on a plaque on a hammock.
- Sponsor a Picnic Table ($500) - Your name or family name and message on a plaque on one of our picnic tables.

Become a Founder:
For a $1000+ donation, become a founder of the garden!  Your name and message will be mounted on our PEBG plaque at the entrance to the garden.

Features of Pomona's Edible Botanic Garden:

  • A DIVERSE ORCHARD  of over 100 fruit trees of different varieties, including  figs, pomegranates, mulberries, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, grapes, feijoas (pineapple guavas), strawberry guavas, lemon guavas, persimmons, pawpaws, apples, tropical guavas, bananas, sugarcane and more.
  • THOUSANDS OF CALIFORNIA INDIGENOUS PLANTS, medicinal herbs, and culinary herbs, which will serve as the primary understory throughout the MDBG. 
  • THE BERRY WONDERLAND with U-pick strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries available during the summer season.
  • MEDITATION HILL where you can find peace among singing birds and flapping butterflies. This large hill made of the soil dug out from our pond will be planted with various fruit trees and California indigenous plants surrounding a meditation circle. 
  • PIC-FIG-NIC FOREST is the perfect gathering space for 6-8 people under a canopy of fig trees that have been grafted together into a single arched canopy.
  • THE BIG POND is a 30 ft x 15 ft pond that will feature California indigenous aquatic and wetland plants. The pond will provide vital access to clean drinking water to local wildlife, and be the visual centerpiece of the MDBG. Come dangle your feet into the water from the Deck or take a nap on the Beach!
  • THE HAMMOCK MEADOW is the perfect spot to unwind. With a mixture of California indigenous grasses and various mints underfoot, grab a book from our library and enjoy a nap in one of the four hammocks surrounded by a canopy of fruit trees.
  • THE TENT OF SOLITUDE is a private space for small group retreats looking for for a bit of seclusion. Windows provide picturesque views of our orchards, and the songs of birds will accompany your meetings & activities.
  • THE LEARNING GARDEN is nestled in the back of our beautiful farm. With room to host 30-40 people, this space is perfect for classes, workshops, and medium-size events. A redwood pergola is draped with grapes to provide shade throughout the summer and opens up in the fall to the sun as the vines drop their leaves.