The NEVER ENDING GARDENING COURSE is our comprehensive and easy-to-follow online course to get you started caring for our EarthBody and growing food at home.

Follow along as our farmers guide you from basic gardening skills all the way to advanced techniques for creating a thriving and nourishing garden space.

New lessons are released every month (hence the "never ending" course), followed by a Live Q&A via Zoom on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

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“Sarvam”: all + “udaya”: rise =
Sarvodaya: the upliftment of all

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Join the Never Ending Gardening Course and get access to:

#1 More than 30 Gardening Lessons with a new lesson added every month

Great for beginning & intermediate gardeners.

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#2 Ask-a-Farmer

Send your gardening and farming questions directly to our farmers and get our advice.

#3 Gardening Guides

Extensive and easy-to-follow written guides for specific tasks and skills every gardener needs.

#3 Access to our new community discussion board

Get help from our community and share your successes and experiences.

#4 Discounts on a wide range of products and services from our partners

Consciously made goods and services to support your journey.

#5 Discounts at our nursery in Pomona

All enrollees get a discount on purchases at our nursery and online store. Get your plants, tools, and more from us.

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Lessons included with
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Getting Started

Starting a Garden
Soil Health 101
Feeding the Garden
Small Space No-Pile Composting
Container Gardening
Water & Irrigation
The Concrete Garden
Large Garden Design
Managing Vegetarians in the Garden

Keep Growing

Feeding the Garden
Mid-summer Garden Care
Common Problems: Diseases, Bugs & Stressors
The Worst & Best Gardening Tips
Harvesting Summer's Energy for Fall
Thriving Through Summer Heat
Summer Garden Planning
Seed Starting for Fall Gardening

Fruit Trees

Winter Tree Propagation
Winter Fruit Tree Pruning
Deciduous Fruit Trees
Fruit Tree Care

Build Your Skills

Let's Talk Herbs
Honey Talk
So Much to Learn About Bees
CA Native Cultures & Plants

Checkout this sample lesson:

Gardening guides included with
your membership so far...

Composting at Home
Container Gardening Guide
Drip Irrigation Guide
Fruit Tree Selection & Planting Guide

How to Make Potting Soil
Raised Bed Construction Guide
Soil Regeneration Guide

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You are welcome regardless of your background, income-level, and size or style of your gardening space.
Contribute at any level and get access to the course, because we don't believe in capitalism. Contributions start to create impact for our work at the $20/month level.

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People of under-privileged backgrounds with limited financial resources, including Black, Indigenous or People of Color.

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