Sarvodaya Institute's
Farmer Training Program

Hands-on Learning @ Sarvodaya Farms

At Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona, CA, we offer a Farmer Training Program for anyone interested in learning how to care for soil, raise and care for plants, and grow food at home.

This program is NOT a volunteer program. We do not accept volunteers at our farm.

This program is only for those that value the knowledge we offer.

What We Offer

At Sarvodaya Farms, we care for over half an acre of fruit trees, CA native plants, fruiting bushes, vegetable fields, and a large & diverse stock of nursery plants.  Our training program offers an opportunity for you to be part of the care and nourishment of our farm, and learn in the process from our experienced farmers.

What you'll learn:
- Soil care and management
- irrigation maintenance
- Seed starting and plant propagation
- plant care and farm management
- vegetable and fruit harvest
- much more than we have time to list here

What We Require

This a training program, not a volunteer program.  Maintaining a highly diverse and intricately balanced farm such as ours requires a vast array of skills. It's not rocket science, but it's just as complicated. Trainees must first understand that they are receiving training that is becoming more and more valuable in a society that lacks these skills and understandings. 

We require trainees to contribute financially to our work in whatever capacity they can. Trainees must join as Supporting Members of our organization at the $20, $50, $75, or $100/month level, corresponding with their income level.

We also require:
- A regular weekly commitment of attendance.  Trainees must show up on the same day(s) every week, and let us know if they are unable to attend.
- Tools.  Every trainee must provide their own hand pruners.  Hand pruners are available to purchase from our store.


If this program sounds what you're looking for, please fill out the application.  We will follow up as soon as we can. Expect us to take at least 1 week to respond.