def. sarvodaya

A Sanskrit term coined by Gandhi combining sarva (all) and udaya (rise),
meaning the upliftment of all


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Demonstration Gardens

The Growing Home

The Growing Home is our suburban home demonstration site located in Diamond Bar, CA (suburb of Los Angeles). Formerly
a standard tract home with green grass, The Growing Home is now an ecologically-designed natural habitat that grows thousands of pounds of food for humans & wildlife, converts green waste into healthy soil, cleanses urban air pollution, harvests rainwater, and regulates its own temperature.

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Sarvodaya Farms & Nursery

Sarvodaya Farms & Nursery is our urban farm demonstration site located in Pomona, CA. Sarvodaya Farms shows how blighted urban lots can be converted into productive, beautiful mini-farms that grow healthy, organic food for the local
community, while also cleansing the air, reducing run-off pollution, providing green gathering space, and serving as urban centers of connection with Nature.

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The Growing Commons

Our latest demonstration site is a holistically designed orchard at the Claremont Friends Quaker Meeting. The Growing Commons was developed using ecological design principles and features to create a rich, food producing ecosystem. Highlights include rooftop and curbside water harvesting, California native plants, drought resilient fruit trees, mulching, and soil regeneration. This project is still under development, so look out for workshops hosted at this

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Events & Workshops

Every month we host a variety of classes, workshops and events at our farm, Sarvodaya Farms.

Join us for fun & educational art workshops, yoga sessions, workouts, meditation, and more!

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