Prepping for Spring on the Farm

Prepping for Spring on the Farm

I ran through the sprinklers of the brand new nursery this week! Have you ever wondered how the cilantro at the market feels getting its daily spritz? Well, speaking for the cilantro, it's delightful. Constructing the new nursery structure was a big job that we were able to complete within a day, so on top of being able to enjoy that first shower I felt satisfied and accomplished with the rest of the team. That was just one of the many projects we have in the works in preparation for this Spring season. 

I'm one of several new Sarvodaya Institute staff members (learn who we are on the "About Our Organization" page) and I'm looking forward to continuing working with the farmers and getting to know the rest of the staff. Hopefully, I can begin documenting public events on the farm sooner rather than later.

Shoutout to Farmer Sage, another new addition to the Sarvodaya team, for clearing out the space for the nursery. He and I spent a lot of time prepping the land together jabbering along, slowly but surely getting the lay of the land between us. I was learning from Sage and his rich experience as a landscaper and farmworker. He taught me how to make your tools do the hard work for you, and how to transform the land. I definitely appreciate the advice. I was working a bit too hard from the jump and learned to take the Sage advice. 

Meanwhile, at the front of the property our beekeeper Lola began planning the bee club curriculum. Talking with Lola made me excited to learn more from the bees and inspired me to save up for a beekeeping suit so I can really engage with the club this Spring. While she was at the farm, Lola also found another monarch chrysalis! They have been popping up all over the place. I think it symbolizes the organization these days. Transformation, transition, and anticipation is in the air.

–– Anna Saucedo, Farm Documentarian

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