Do you need help with your garden? Our farmers can come to you home, office, or community garden and provide direct guidance.

We can help you with:

– Comprehensive garden and farm design
– Creating healing and rejuvenating green spaces
– Rapidly and effectively improving soil health
– Rainwater harvesting design
– Irrigation system design
– Composting and organic material managementand more!

Help with Fruit Trees

Are your trees suffering? Are their leaves yellowing and sparse? Do they have sap dripping from their trunks? No fruit even after 10 years? Do you not know what to do?

We specialize in the care, maintenance, and pruning of trees, especially fruit trees, and offer the following services for tree care:

– Disease identification and treatment for established trees
– Hand pruning small to medium size trees (maximum height 15 feet)
– Grafting existing fruit trees to new varieties

Ready to get started?

We can help regardless of the size or style of your gardening space.