Farm and Nursery Manager

Position Description

The Sarvodaya Farm and Nursery Manager is a high-level, skilled position, that will involve overseeing all aspects of our farm and nursery, including:

  • management of production and sales of thousands of plants annually
  • management of growing fields in our farm (vegetable, fruit and herb production)
  • management of new projects and developments
  • publicity & advertising
  • directing other staff and volunteers
  • communicating needs & successes with senior staff & board.

The Farm & Nursery Manager will report directly to the Executive Director.

Position Hours and Times

This position will start part-time and increase to full-time once funds are available. Current days/hours will be Wednesday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm.  Our goal is to fund this position to work Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

Organization Description

Sarvodaya Institute is a 6-year-old, POC-managed non-profit organization focused on helping people recognize themselves as Earth and learn how to engage with our home-body in a nourishing way.  We practice and teach gardening as a practice of healing and regeneration to restore health to all beings, working towards the "upliftment of all."

We maintain 2 demonstration gardens, 1 urban farm, an organic plant nursery, and a significant social media presence.

In the last two years, we have been in a period of significant growth, which we expect to continue and accelerate in the upcoming years. This is a growth position.

We are seeking an energetic, highly-skilled, empathetic, communicative, community-oriented person.  We encourage people of any ethnicity and orientation to apply.  You are welcome here.


Position Responsibilities

- procure, start, propagate plants and seeds for nursery

- manage, maintain, and market nursery

- on-farm sales of plants & garden supplies and customer management

- communicate with Executive Director regularly

- direct farm staff and volunteers

- maintain irrigation

- maintain store and inventory

- plant and manage farm fields

- work with farm events manager to coordinate classes, workshops, tours, etc.

- advertise via Instagram and e-newsletter

Required Skills

- Significant experience with gardening and farming in several forms: propagation, maintenance, soil health, tree care, vegetable growing, irrigation

- Passion for plants, gardening and healing

- Compassion: ability to recognize others where they are and provide space and nourishment for growth

- Open and honest communication including admitting to mistakes made, speaking up against unfairness and injustice, ability to praise and uplift

- Experience and knowledge in creating and maintaining irrigation, specifically using PVC and drip tubing

- Sales: ability to sell, know your product and your customer and match them together

- Technology use: must have smartphone and be comfortable using various apps. We primarily use Shopify, Shopify POS, and Rachio

- Time management & organization: position has various challenging responsibilities.  Nursery must be maintained neat and organized.

- People management: ability to direct other staff and volunteers

- Languages: English required, Spanish appreciated

Additional Details

Our farm is located in the tight-knit community of Pomona, CA.  We are looking to expand our reach and impact within our community. Most of our current staff and volunteers do not reside in Pomona, and are culturally foreign to this city.  We are looking specifically for someone who can recognize themselves in this community and create or deepen existing roots here. We expect our farm to have a long life here, and want to ensure that the farm is viewed as community space.


$15/hour to start. Compensation will increase as funding becomes available.

Application Instructions

Send the following to our Executive Director, Farmer Rishi at

- Resume

- Respond to each prompt below. Keep each response limited to 1 short paragaph:

  • Describe your experience with farming and gardening
  • Describe your long-term goals
  • Why do you think this is the job for you?
  • What do you know about the Pomona community and how would you make an impact here?