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Banana, Pearl

Banana, Pearl

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A very productive Southern California banana variety, the Pearl banana has been growing at The Growing Home for 20+ years. As it happens periodically, we are unsure of the variety, so The Growing Home named it Pearl in honor of Rishi's mother. 

This banana plant has short palms that produce large, heavy bunches of bananas (80lbs+ on the larger side). Fruit are slightly longer in length (8 to 10 inches) than Manzano, but narrower. The fruit has taste similar to store bananas (Cavendish), but richer in every way- smoother texture, creamier, more complex flavor. It is a highly recommended unknown variety. 


Botanic Name: Musa x
Common Names: Pearl, Banana,
Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 8- Zone 11
Fruiting Season: Periodically throughout summer; flowers bloom 18-24 months after planting and racks are ready for harvest 6-8 months after that.
Growth Structure: 8 to 12 ft stalks in a clump
Fertility Preference:
Water Preference:
Sun & Light Preference:


Bananas prefer moist soil but will rot if planted in water-logged soil. Make sure to plant your tree in a sunny location that also gets some afternoon shade and that is protected from high winds.

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