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Bareroot Blueberry Trio (3 plants) for California - PREORDER

Bareroot Blueberry Trio (3 plants) for California - PREORDER

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Our bareroot blueberry trio is a mix of three varieties that are well adapted for growth in California. These Southern Highbush varieties require very few chill hours, have upright bushy growth, and will fruit well in warmer climates. 

Blueberries will fruit better with multiple varieties available for cross-pollination and you will get an extended harvest due, hence this trio. The three varieties included in our trio are: Biloxi, O'Neal, and Misty.  See below for variety descriptions.

We highly recommend growing blueberries in 15 gallon GrowBags with an acidic organic fertilizer.



Biloxi Blueberries are a low-chill to no-chill berry that produces medium-sized, firm, and juicy berries. The fruit is fairly sweet which makes it ideal for eating fresh, baking, freezing, and juicing.
Berry Size: Medium
Plant Height: 12 - 18 inch
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Berry Flavor: Excellent
Berry Firmness: Firm
Growing Zones: 8-11
Cold Hardy: Fair
Unique Quality: Biloxi blueberry plants can grow in extremely southern areas and require almost no chill hours.
Maturity Height: 5-6' Upright

This southern highbush variety has a moderately vigorous, rounded, semi-upright, spreading growth habit. The plant also features limber branches capable of holding lots of berries! The summer foliage has an attractive green-gray color accented with red branches and stems. O’Neal blueberries have a dark blue color and a very sweet “berry” taste, perhaps one of the best-tasting southern highbush blueberries on the market.

Berry Size: Large
Maturity Height: 4-6' Upright
Season: Very Early
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Berry Firmness: Firm
Growing Zones: 5-9
Cold Hardy: Hardy
Taste: Very Sweet
Unique Quality: Considered to be the Best Tasting out of all Southern Varieties.
Plant Height: 12 - 18 inch


Misty is one of the most attractive, vigorous and high yielding Southern Highbush varieties. The bright blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the pink and white spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit. Yields best when planted with other varieties. Chilling needs are very low at 300 hours, but don't hesitate to plant it all the way to Seattle. One of the most popular varieties in California because of fast growth, high yields, consistent quality.

Berry Size: Large
Maturity Height: 4-6' Upright
Season: Early
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Berry Firmness: Firm
Growing Zones: 5 - 10
Cold Hardy: Hardy
Taste: Sweet
Unique Quality: Misty is One of the Highest Yielding of the Southern Varieties.


Botanic Name: Vaccinium corymbosum
Common Names: Biloxi,
Native to: Low country of the U.S./ Mississippi area
Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 8-Zone 10
Fruiting Season: April to July
Growth Structure: Bushy growth that gets about 5 ft. tall.
Fertility Preference: ★ ★
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:


Blueberries require acidic soil. Plant blueberries in 15 gallon or larger pots, with a soil mix of 75% peat moss and 25% compost, plus a handful of Dr Earth's Organic Acid Lovers Fertilizer. Keep blueberries in an area with filtered sunlight (under a tree with a sparse canopy or shadecloth). We have successfully fruited blueberries at our farm in Pomona using this method.

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