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Bladderpod, 'Peritoma Arborea'

Bladderpod, 'Peritoma Arborea'

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Bladderpod (Peritoma arborea) is an evergreen shrub native to California and Baja California. Growing up to 6ft tall, its leaves are composed of three oval leaflets, and it produces bright yellow flower clusters. Each flower has four petals, six curly stamens, and a protruding style that holds the developing fruit. Its dense branching and drought tolerance make it an excellent accent or low-water addition to lush landscapes.


Botanic Name: Peritoma Arborea
Common Names: Burrofat and California Cleome,
Native to: Southern California and Baja California
Hardiness Zone: 8-11
Growth Structure: Mounding Shrub, Fast grower, 1-6 ft tall and 6 ft wide
Water Preference: ★ ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:

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