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Blueberry, Biloxi

Blueberry, Biloxi

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Biloxi Blueberries are a low-chill to no-chill berry that produces medium-sized, firm, and juicy berries. The fruit is fairly sweet which makes it ideal for eating fresh, baking, freezing, and juicing. As with all blueberries, this plant requires acidic soil, so make sure to mix in peat moss or sawdust to increase the acidity. 


Botanic Name: Vaccinium corymbosum 'Biloxi' 
Common Names: Biloxi,
Native to: Low country of the U.S./ Mississippi area
Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 8-Zone 10
Fruiting Season: April to July
Growth Structure: Bushy growth that gets about 5 ft. tall.
Fertility Preference: ★ ★
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:


Blueberries require acidic soil. At Sarvodaya Farms, we plant our blueberries in a mixture of peat moss, compost, and a little fertilizer. Allow the plant to mature and become bushy (about 3 years) before beginning to prune.

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