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Ceramic Watering Stake

Ceramic Watering Stake

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Our terracotta watering spikes, crafted from high-quality clay, conveniently seep water as soil dries out. The damper the soil, the slower the water flow. This plant watering device lets physics do the hard work, dousing your plants with just the right amount of water.

Designed to be used with a upside wine bottle, each stake measures 2.0 x 2.0 x 6.8 inches. Soak the self-watering stakes then place the stakes deep in the dirt, with the openings level with the surface. Avoid pushing too hard to prevent breakage. Fill a wine bottle with water, then place upside down into the opening of the stake.

These flower friends work with long-necked bottles, like vino vessels, but any tall container – glass, plastic, metal – should do the job as long as it doesn't tip over. For little pots, you can use mini beer bottles or regular-sized wine bottles. Like a guardian angel for your garden, these watering spikes make watering container plants easy and efficient.

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