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Dragonfruit, Physical Graffiti

Dragonfruit, Physical Graffiti

This plant IS available for shipping ONLY in 1 gallon pot sizes.

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3 inch Pot - 8 to 12" tall plant in 6" diameter x 7" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

1 gallon Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 6" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

Small Tree Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 6" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

Large Tree Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 12" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

3 gallon Pot - 18 to 36" tall plant in 10" diameter x 8" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

5 gallon Pot - 30" to 60" tall plant in 11" diameter x 10" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

15 gallon Pot - 60" to 75" tall plant in 17" diameter x 15" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

Indulge in the succulent, pink-tinged skin and luscious, purple-hued flesh of this exquisite Dragonfruit, Physical Graffiti. Each fruit weighs between 0.75 to 1.5 pounds, making it medium to large in size. This exceptional variety is a must-try for home cultivators, boasting an unparalleled flavor. While it does require cross-pollination from other other red flesh varieties, the end result is well worth the effort.

The hybrid Dragonfruit, Physical Graffiti, is bred from both Hylocereus guatemalensis and Hylocereus undatus. Its large nocturnal blooms, over 14 inches in diameter, are abundant throughout the summer months. This variety boasts extensive flower production, making it a favorite among growers. Its growth pattern, typical of Hylocereus undatus, is characterized by three-sided growth and vigorous development. Additional research suggests that the 1-S variety and Physical Graffiti are one and the same, as the former was created by Paul Thomson. The 1-S is a hybrid of Rixford, a purple-fleshed Guatemalan variety, and Niezel, a white-fleshed undatus variety.


Please see our Dragonfruit Planting and Care Instructions


Botanic Name: Hylocereus guatemalensis x undatus
Common Names: Physical Graffiti,

Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 9- Zone 10
Fruiting Season: Late spring to early fall
Growth Structure: Long, three sided vining succulent with tiny spines running the sides.

Fertility Preference: ★ ★ ★
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:

Years to Fruit: 2-3 years
Fruiting Season: Late spring to early fall
Pruning Season: Spring
Cold Tolerance: 32°F
Edible? Yes
Recommended Size for Container Growing: 15 Gallon

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