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Drip Irrigation Guide (16 pages)

Drip Irrigation Guide (16 pages)

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Drip irrigation can seem very daunting if you've never worked with irrigation systems and parts before.  In this guide, I break down all the main concepts for designing a drip system, and I even explain the complicated vocabulary of irrigation parts.  After reading this guide, you'll be able to confidently walk into a hardware store and buy the parts you need, and put together your own water-saving drip irrigation system.

This 16 -page electronic guide contains several diagrams I drew myself showing all the necessary parts, explaining what they do, and where you can by them.  I also give you guidance for designing a system that fits your garden and your plantings.

You will receive access to this online guide via a LINK.  I update these guides regularly as people make suggestions of what to add to them.  Once you purchase the guide, you will have indefinite access to it.

NOTE: Once you purchase this guide, it will not be available for immediate download.  You will receive an email within 2 days of your purchase with a link to access the document through Google Drive.  This guide is not downloadable or printable, it must be viewed online.


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