Onion, Egyptian Walking

Onion, Egyptian Walking

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Allium × proliferum

Common names:  Tree Onions, Winter Onions, or Perennial Onions.

Lifespan: Perennial Edible Garden

Light RequirementPartial to Full Sun

Water Requirement:  Slightly moist and well drained. 

A great onion variety to grow in the home garden. Grows almost like chives, with each onion dividing over time to create more onion. Also sets small onion bulbils that can be re-planted to create more plants. Onions are long and thin, like a large  green onion. Very easy to grow alternative to traditional annual onions. These onions seem to walk because at the end of a leaf stalk, a cluster of bulblets will grow, become top heavy and fall, and root into the soil to create more! The bulblets reach maturity in late summer and look like mini versions of the parent plant. Plant onions in a location that allows them room to roam. Plant in spring or in fall. Plant each top set 2" deep, with 6"-10" between plants and 1' between rows.

 Egyptian Walking Onions have a slightly stronger onion taste. The entire plant can be eaten, use the  stalks in the same way as chives. 

Harvest Harvest top sets in late summer and fall when the leafstalk has turned brown and begun to dry. Harvest the long green leaves of the onions (the ones without the top sets) year round. Harvest underground onions in late summer and fall – remembering that when removed this onion plant will no longer grow the following