Fig, Black Mission
Fig, Black Mission

Fig, Black Mission

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Latin Name: Ficus Carica "Black Mission"
Common Names: Black Mission
Lifespan: Deciduous
Growth Structure: Small tree up to 12 feet tall
Light Requirement: Full sun
Water Requirement: **

Description: Packed with nutrients, this jammy-sweet fruit tree is an easy-care option that has a lot to give. Black Mission fig trees fruit twice a year, and they tend start producing fruit at a younger age than other fig varieties. Whether is it included in a cooked meal, baked into a dessert, dried as a snack, or eaten fresh off the tree, this fig is sure to be sweet and delicious. 

Figs can be grown in the ground or in a pot, but if you live in an area that experiences frost, make sure to bring it indoors, or protect it with some burlap. Figs prefer a long season of warm weather, and once established, they require less frequent watering.