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Ginger, Edible

Ginger, Edible

This plant IS available for shipping ONLY in 1 gallon pot sizes.

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A versatile and common household spice, ginger is a subtropical rhizome that can be used in cooking, teas, and medicines. In general, ginger needs lots of heat, humidity, moisture, and fertility to grow well.  Amend planting soil with peat moss and fertilize with organic gardenia fertilizer. Ginger will do best in a greenhouse or under a plastic cover.


Botanic Name: Zingiber officinale
Common Names: Ginger,
Native to: Tropical and subtropical areas of Asia
Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: Zone 9-Zone 12
Fruiting Season: About 10 months after planting rhizomes
Growth Structure: Underground rhizomes that produce 2-3 ft long leaf structures above ground
Fertility Preference:
Water Preference:
Sun & Light Preference: ★ ★


Ginger needs to be planted in well-fertilized acidic soil with regular water. If given the right conditions, it can become invasive, so it may also be a good idea to grow ginger in a large pot or bucket. Temperatures should not dip below 55 degrees.

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