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Hyacinth Bean, Green

Hyacinth Bean, Green

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Botanic Name: Lablab purpureus
Common Names: hyacinth bean, lablab bean, bonavist bean, dolichos bean, selm, sem bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, Australian Pea, Avarai (Tamil), Avaraikkaay (Tamil), Amarakka, Avara, Amara Payar (Malayalam),
Native to: South Asia
Lifespan: Perennial
Growth Structure: Vine

Fertility Preference: ★ ★
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:


Hyacinth Bean is a delicious edible, perennial bean from South Asia and Southeast Asia.  The bean is a prolific and strong grower, with relative few disease and insect issues.  The plant is also quite decorative, with bright foliage and a profusion of flowers.  Hyacinth bean is perennial in warm climate (Zone 9 and up) and can be grown as an annual elsewhere.

Pick pods when they are young, before the seeds inside have had a chance to fatten. PODS SHOULD BE COOKED, raw beans can cause digestive stress for some if uncooked.



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