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Ice Cream Bean

Ice Cream Bean

This plant IS available for shipping ONLY in Large Tree Pot sizes.

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3 inch Pot - 8 to 12" tall plant in 6" diameter x 7" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

1 gallon Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 6" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

Small Tree Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 6" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

Large Tree Pot - 8 to 16" tall plant in 5" x 5" x 12" tall pot. SHIPPABLE

3 gallon Pot - 18 to 36" tall plant in 10" diameter x 8" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

5 gallon Pot - 30" to 60" tall plant in 11" diameter x 10" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

15 gallon Pot - 60" to 75" tall plant in 17" diameter x 15" tall pot. IN STORE ONLY

Treat yourself to a cool surprise with Ice Cream Bean! This fast-growing tree packs a flavorful punch - its large fruits have a sweet, cottony pulp that tastes like a mix of vanilla, cinnamon and spun sugar. Delicious on its own, it can also be used to enhance other dishes, adding a unique sweetness to your favorite recipes. Get a taste of a tropical treat with the Ice Cream Bean!


Botanic Name: Inga edulis
Common Names: Guaba, Inga de Macao, Inga ,

Lifespan: Perennial
Hardiness Zone: 9-11
Fruiting Season: year round
Growth Structure: 60-98' tall, broad evergreen canopy

Fertility Preference:
Water Preference:
Sun & Light Preference:

Years to Fruit: 3 years
Fruiting Season: year round
Pruning Season: Winter-Spring
Cold Tolerance: 32°F
Native to: South America
Recommended Size for Container Growing: 30 Gallon

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