Jamun, Krishnarani (grafted) - RESERVATION

Jamun, Krishnarani (grafted) - RESERVATION

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THIS TREE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE BUT WE ARE TAKING RESERVATIONS.  You may purchase the tree now and we will let you know when it is available.  We expect to have them ready by spring/summer 2020.

Latin Name: Syzygium cumini
Lifespan: P
Growth Structure:  Very Large Tree (can be pruned smaller)
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Water Requirement: **
Frost-Sensitive: SLIGHTLY


An exclusive from The Growing Home.  Krisharani Jamun was grown from seed by Farmer Rishi's grandmother and planted at The Growing Home in 2007.  After 8 years in the ground, it first fruited in 2015.  The fruit of this Jamun is even better than anything you can remember from India.  Large, very juicy, fleshy fruit.  Sweet and sour with a mild astringency.  Brings back memories of home in Punjab.  Exclusively available from us.