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Mango, California Gold (grafted) PREORDER

Mango, California Gold (grafted) PREORDER

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Our signature mango variety. Available no where else.

CA Gold is a mango variety grown and named by our very own Farmer Rishi. The fruit grows very well in Southern California, with the mother tree producing 50-60 very large 1.5lb to 2lb mangoes every year.

The story of CA Gold from Farmer Rishi

”I planted a few mango seeds around 2010, but then learned that mango trees grown from seed would take 8-10 years to produce fruit, so I gave up on them. I stopped watering and didn’t pay any attention to the little 1 gallon seedlings. All the trees died, except one. She survived in that little one gallon pot for 2 years with barely any soil.

At that point, I felt I owed it to the tree to plant her, and I did. She grew up fast and strong, and started flowering around year 6. Our first fruit came in year 8, just two. The next year, we harvested nearly 60. An astounding variety, born in California with a golden skin and golden flesh.

Fruit is fiberless, very sweet, and extremely fragrant with hints of cardamom reminiscent of Indian mango varieties. 

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