Moringa Tree
Moringa Tree
Moringa Tree

Moringa Tree

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Latin Name:  Moringa oleifera
Common Names: Drumstick
Lifespan: Deciduous
Growth Structure: 18-20'
Light Requirement: Full sun
Water Requirement: *

Description:  Moringa is considered a super food. The leaves, flowers, long edible beans and seeds are all edible, making it a must have plant. 

Easily grown in pots or ground, can be use to create dappled light. Create under-stories, pair with semi shade loving plants.  

A very fast growing, heat loving food tree from South India. Moringa is well reknowned for its nutrient dense leaves which are sold as a nutrient supplement for over $60 per lb. Very easy to grow at home, Moringa can grow up to 20 feet per year. One of the worlds few plant-based complete proteins. Edible leaves available all season and edible seed pods available around August / September.


*Easy to grow

*Drought tolerant, after being established 

*Roots are sensitive to too much water combined with frost.