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Mulberry, Pakistani White

Mulberry, Pakistani White

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The Pakistan mulberry is the “king” of the fruiting mulberries, producing 3 1/2″ to 5″ long berries. The White Pakistan is the sweetest of all mulberries, with candy like flavor and no tartness.  Juice does not stain. It has multi-month long fruiting season starting heavy in late spring/early summer and continuing to fruit until mid-summer.


Botanic Name: Morus nigra
Native to: Pakistan
Lifespan: Tree
Hardiness Zone: Zones 6 - 10
Fruiting Season: April to June
Growth Structure: Very large tree if left unpruned, but can be pruned into a small bush
Fertility Preference: ★ ★
Water Preference: ★ ★
Sun & Light Preference:

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