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Ohta Knives FK series

Ohta Knives FK series

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As taken from Farmer Rishi's website:

Knives are such a primal tool for me, and I am a bit obsessed with the craftsmanship and quality of a good blade.  I've been searching for a knife that really sings to me and provides the ease-of-use and functionality I want for a long time.  I stumbled upon the knives of Hiroaki Ohta in this search, and after ordering one for myself, I am now convinced this is the knife I've been looking for.

Ohta's knives are simple, elegant, and supremely effective.  These FK series knives are based on a Japanese military knife design called Higonokami, and have been updated with quality hardwoods and modern steel.  These knives consist of just three pieces: the solid wood handle, the hinge, and the blade.

The knife is an old-school "friction folder," meaning their is no mechanism that holds the blade closed or open.  To use the knife, you press down on the tab on the end of the blade with your thumb, and hold the tab down to prevent it from closing.

For these custom ordered knives, I've chosen an extremely dense, resilient and American native wood for the handles: Desert Ironwood.  Did I mention its stammeringly beautiful? 

The blades are made from D2 steel which is a tough, easy to sharpen, rust resistant steel.

3 sizes are available

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