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Latin Name:  Grewia asiatica
Common Names: Phalsa, Falsa, Sherbet berry
Lifespan: Deciduous
Growth Structure: Tree with height of up to 25'
Light Requirement: Full sun/ Part sun
Water Requirement: **

Description: The Phalsa plant is a subtropical deciduous shrub or small tree that has long skinny droopy branches when mature.  It bears small clusters of yellow blossoms in the spring. It's a fast-growing plant, with most plants producing berries in their second year.  It does require annual pruning since berries are borne on the current year's growth. The phalsa berries are small and purple in color when ripe with a hairy peel and big seed. The fruit is sweet sour or sour and is reminiscent of a blueberry. 


Botanic Name: Grewia asiatica
Common Names: Phalsa, Falsa, Sherbert berry,

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