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Pitomba, Big fruit

Pitomba, Big fruit

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Pitomba is a unique fruit. With this Big Fruit variety from Brazil. Growing up to 20 feet high and 15 feet wide, the Pitomba has dense foliage with bronze hairs on the underside of the young leaves. Mature leaves are dark green and the mottled brown and tan trunk is reminiscent of the guava. Flowers bloom in late spring or early summer, and in warmer climates, twice a year, yielding orange-yellow fruit about 1-1.25 inches long. The fruit is 1-1 1/4 inches long. The skin is a bright and orange yellow color. The soft, juicy golden pulp is apricot like in texture, aromatic and slightly acidic. 


Botanic Name: Eugenia luschnathiana
Common Names: Pitomba, Big Fruit,
Native to: Brazil
Lifespan: Evergreen
Recommended Size for Container Growing: 15 Gallon
Fruiting Season: Fall
Growth Structure: Large shrub or small tree; upright and compact habit, slow grower, 25ft tall
Water Preference:
Sun & Light Preference:

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