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Sapote, White

Sapote, White

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Latin Name:  Casimiroa edulis
Common Names: Casimiroa, Mexican apple
Lifespan: Evergreen
Growth Structure: Tree that can grow to 20 ft. 
Light Requirement: Full sun
Water Requirement: **

Description: The white sapote is a species of tropical fruiting tree in the family Rutaceae, native to eastern Mexico and  Central America. The fruit is an ovoid drupe, 5–10 cm in diameter, with a thin, inedible skin turning from green to yellow when ripe, and an edible pulp, which can range in flavor from bland to banana-like to peach to pear to vanilla flan.  The pulp is creamy-white in this green-skin variety and has a smooth texture similar to ripe avocado. It contains from one to five seeds.

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