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Soil Regeneration Guide (15 pages)

Soil Regeneration Guide (15 pages)

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Soil is the foundation of any garden.  If your garden's soil isn't healthy, the plants in the garden have little chance of thriving.  This Soil Regeneration Gardening Guide will walk you step-by-step through various processes for improving your garden's soil health. 

The guide starts with some initial steps you can take to make big improvements in the condition of your soil, and follows up with steps you can take on an on-going basis to keep soil health improving over time.

You will receive access to this online guide via a LINK.  I update these guides regularly as people make suggestions of what to add to them.  Once you purchase the guide, you will have indefinite access to it.

NOTE: Once you purchase this guide, it will not be available for immediate download.  You will receive an email within 2 days of your purchase with a link to access the document through Google Drive.  This guide is not downloadable or printable, it must be viewed online.

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