Tulsi, Kapoor
Tulsi, Kapoor

Tulsi, Kapoor

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Latin Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum
Common Names: Holy Basil, Tulsi
Lifespan: P
Growth Structure: Medium Bush
Light Requirement: Partial Sun to Full Sun
Water Requirement: **
Description: The most sacred plant of India, Tulsi is worshiped as a goddess for her medicinal properties. Many households in India place Tulsi at the center of their homes to bless the surrounding area. Tulsi is an adaptogen, good for balancing all bodily energies. This variety is perennial, and can be grown as a bush or small tree. Great to have around for making medicinal tea to help your body to maintain balance and manage stresses. 

It is also used in Thai cooking (but much different from Thai Basil) and as mosquito repellant in Sri Lanka. Abundant purple tulsi blooms are a favorite host for many beneficial pollinators including honey bees, native bees, and butterflies.