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Tropical Fruit Tree planting season is here! 

Get your bananas, papayas, guavas & More

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Summer is the time for growth. Don't forget to fertilize!

We have a great selection of organic fertlizers and mineral supplements.

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Grow your own medicine

We have one of the most unique medicinal plant collections around. Don't forget to check out our selection!

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Need help starting your garden? Our gardening guides are here to help you get started.  We highly recommend our Soil Regeneration Guide and Drip Irrigation Guide for all new gardeners.

Bareroot Plants

Bareroot plants are dormant plants that are sold without any pot or potting soil. These plants are only available in the winter season and are significantly lower in price than they will be in Spring and Summer when they are potted. If you have already purchased bareroot plants, please see our PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS.

Deciduous Plants (winter dormant)

Fruiting Plants

Pomegranate, Medryl Vasla

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